Monday, 7 September 2009

KELANTAN COWHEAD: Who is Abdul Ariffahmi Abd Rahman


He is the son-in-law of Nik Aziz, PAS' spiritual leader

He was appointed as CEO of Kelantan Menteri Besar Inc.

I guess that counts as nepotism

he is after all not a person with high corporate pedigree, in fact some say even his engineering pedigree is decidedly midfield in quality

But hey, when others do it it is Nepotism, it is corruption, it is bad.

I think nepotism is bad anywhere

but of course when Nik Aziz does it, they cite prophetic examples?

so it is either prophetic or bad... which is it

what is PAS stand on people appointing family to certain key posts??

Of course Nik Aziz says his son-in -law is qualified and the best that he can find (if not why appoint him right??) but that justt reminds me of how Pak Lah treat Khairy.... masa tu bukan main kamu kata tak layak

Not that I am a big fan of Kerry Jam...

PS go through Sayuti Omar's blog and read how Ariffahmai did nto like his picture taken... I wonder why.. he runa public corporation adn therefor a public figure adn we deserve to know what he looks like

and if you visit the corporation website there is not even a mention that Nik Aziz's son in law is the CEO, it lists Nik Aiz as chairman and the list of advisors but nothing on the management team

where is the transparency there???

entahlah, bila orang Ugama mula menegakkan benang basah dengan hujah Nabi inilah jadinya

kalau dia betul betul qualified just put his biodata so we know just how well qualified he is... kalau tak... hmmm entahlah

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