Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Instant Mee Projects

I am in a Kuching Kopi Tiam Cafe. This cafe is quite popular and lookoing at the crowd of mix racial composition and the topisc people discuss, this cafe could be the hottest in Kuching. Top of the list of topics discussed is the Batang Ai by election. Batang Ai is a very remote part of Sarawak, bordering Kalimantan, Indonesia. It took more that 3 hours drive from capital kuching to Lubok Antu, the only town in this constituency. the announcement by the Deputy Prime Minister that the government will not dish out instant mee projects mee projects during by elections has recieved mixed reaction. The majority of the dayak voters was hoping that this by-election will bring some instant development to this areas. The announcement may be good for the other two by election, namely the Bukit Gantang and Selambau, but Batang Ai is an under develop constituency. With only 8,006 voters in an area as big as Negeri Sembilan, the voters are expecting some windfall from the government. Imagine they have a vast man made lake at their vacinity, created by the super hydro dam, but they don't have clean water supply and ironically, the hydro powered dam provides electricity to as far as Semenanjung, but the electricity supply to the area is intermittent. So instant mee projects are still needed here. The question is how do you keep instant noodle projects tasty - as instant noodle tend to get soggy very quickly : cheap to buy, quick to cook, easy to eat but not healthy food for the people.

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