Wednesday, 1 April 2009

From Rags to Riches

I usually could'nt careless for allegation on the internet about somebody untul I see some proof of the allegations. Recently, a friend of mine told me of the etravanga life style of YAB Nizar Jamaludin after only 11 months at the helm of the Perak State government. the following are pictures of house before he becomes the Menteri Besar and another house re rented at RM5,000 a month after he was ousted from the MB's official residence. Another house was purportedly bought by Nizar soon after he becomes the MB in Kg Melayu Sg Rapat Ipoh, paid cash for RM650,000. The question is where did he get the money.

Another PAS stelwart, Ahmad Awang, who was declared a bancrupt suddenly manages to absolves himself from bancrupcy after he was allegdgely given three logging concessions by Nizar.

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