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Will Nizar needs Ngeh's clearance to speak in Parliament? If he ever get elected..

A friend codenamed Another Brick on the Wall came a calling and this is what he has to say:

UMNO should deal with all the issues and let the people decide.

Sentiment is wavering against the Pakatan Rakyat brand of wayang politics. Speak the truth to the rakyat, particlarly the majority Malays and they will rationally decide.

The rakyat must be made known of the truth behind the empty rhetorics of Nizar-led Perak Government. The Batu Gantang seat is a contest between UMNO and DAP with Nizar and PAS be made DAP's puppet to serve their chauvalistic ego and greed.

Let the proof present itself.

In the first place, a ban was not necessary for a warning should have been sufficient to avoid subjudice and seditious words on his Majesty. Just be firm when any offense was made. That means not a one night ISA detention and stupid excuse such as protection.

Syed Hamid should not have banned any mention of Altantunya and Sultan Perak for the tri-election. From last night's trip visit to Pekan Bukit Gantang's campaign, both side PAS and UMNO did not totally heed the ban. Lets face up to the need to make known to the rakyat the issue at stake.

Is this another desperate and selfish attempt, to add to the banning of Suara Keadilan and Harakah before the UMNO General Assembly, to maintain Syed Hamid's relevance in the new cabinet?

Coupled with plans by GMP to bring the PPSMI issue to Bukit Gantang, these are issues that is detouring the campaign from what it is really all about. Oppositions are using PPSMI issue merely to deny UMNO's claim to Malay Nationalism.

Ideally, the Bukit Gantang election is about selecting a representative for Bukit Gantang to the Parliament. However, DAP and their former puppet MB, Nizar, is making attempt to set the by-election as a people's referendum for a statewide re-election. But that is not what this by-election is about.

As far as Nizar, he is a lost cause and had blew the trust the Sultan had bestowed to select him as Menteri Besar. He was weak in exerting his authority and allowed his exco members to step over his head. As a Malay MB, he betrayed the expectation of the Malays upon him.

For the endless conjuring of excuse by Pakatan Rakyat politicians, the Sultan did not contravene with any State or Federal Constitution to refuse the dissolution of the State Assembly and select another MB. Pakatan Rakyat lost their majority and power has shifted.

The rest is procedure and the court will prove it.

Subsequent to the 2008 General election, Barisan Nasional with 28 seats (27 UMNO and 1 MCA) did not have sufficient majority to rule the state.

After much to and fro from palace, Nizar came to power following an agreement dubbed by PAS own people as Perjanjian Pangkor II. PAS with only 6 seats made a pact with 18 seat DAP for the MB post to be held by Nizar and DAP held the position of Speaker, Deputy Speaker and six state exco positions. PKR held 3 and PAS held 2 more Exco posts.

That arrangement did not go down well with even the PKR Deputy President, Syed Husin who felt it should reflect proportionately the almost 60% majority Malay population. Out of the 10 exco position, there was only 4 Malays.

Nizar could not hold his own as he was caught in his own political rhetorics of justice, equality, and fairness. The one calling the shot was senior exco member, Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham and his cousin Nga Kor Ming. The Ngeh and Nga duo was imposing their wills on the exco much to the chagrin of the Malay exco members.

With Nizar succumbing to Ngeh and Nga, the 7 non Malay exco members holding more critical posts passed at will policies and approvals to the detriment of Malay interests.

The most known is the ridiculous 999 years land title to Communist collaborators living at the Chinese New Village. This had received the disgust of the Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak. PAS Mustafa Ali himself disagreed with the decision. It was later known that Nizar had defied the Sultan's request for only as 60 year title.

It is widely spoken in Perak of the duo approving log concessions to their cronies.

Any disagreements was responded rudely by the two cousins related to Chin Peng. They would brush aside any views by the Malay excos. It is widely known that the two would bully any opposition by Malay exco members by embarassing their academic qualification, and professional background.

Nizar was powerless.

It came to the point that in answering supplementary questions in the State Assembly, which is to be answered only by the Menteri Besar, Nizar had to constantly refer to Ngeh before answering. At times, Ngeh himself attempted to answer the questions.

Ngeh influence over Nizar was so obvious that in any press conference where he is present, Nizar's body language would be seen constantly swaying towards Ngeh for approval. Will Nizar have the luxury of getting whisper of advise and approval from Ngeh in Parliament?

Should the people of Bukit Gantang be allowed to be represented by someone who failed to defend and protect their interest?

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