Thursday, 26 February 2009

Opposition takes first step to turn Malaysia into a Republic

Gobind's ruse in Parliament called, Opposition jumps

Gobind Sing Deo, the son of DAP old guard, Karpal Singh asked a seemingly innocent question in Parliament today; Whether Malaysia would consider direct election of the Prime Minister.

What the question purports to promote is the removal of the Agong’s role in the appointment of a Head of Government. So what you might say?

Well, the Federal Constitution invests all executive powers in Malaysia with the Agong and he delegates it through the prerogative of appointing the Prime Minister. This is the basis of a Constitutional Monarchy.

By suggesting direct election of the Prime Minister, Gobind is suggesting that the powers of the Agong is usurped and that makes his question potentially treasonous.

The Federal Constitution is echoed by all state constitutions where politicians are merely recipients of delegated power.

States with Raja Melayu simply invests all executive powers in the state Ruler while states with no Royal household are given non-royal rulers in the form of a Governor.

The ultimate source of power in the federation and all states are with the rulers of the state and not the chief executive and any effort at usurping this power can be interpreted as being treasonous.

Minister at the PM's department Datuk Nazri Aziz saw what Gobind was trying to do so he politely reminded the opposition MP about the constitution and the realities of a constitutional monarchy.

Gobind’s question is nothing short of the Opposition taking their first step towards the establishment of a Republic of Malaysia, which has long been the DAP’s goal.

Angry that his ruse was called, Gobind and other opposition MP's tried their best to turn it around and say that Umno was suggesting that the Agong can be replaced.
The Oppostion cyber troopers did their best to milk the issue by continuing the Opposition MP’s fake and patently false allegation that Umno was trying to insult the Agong.
Even the man desperate to be PM, Anwar Ibrahim carried this story on his blogsite, of course his slant is tha tUmno is trying to take the Agong out of the equation
The truth is DAP is working towards a republic and if Anwar is beholden to them then you can guess which way Anwar is taking this country. Lets face it, Anwar's handlers and bosses comes from a republic called the US of A
Well you guys think about it

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